Nothing connects fans and consumers like EasyAR.

NEXREF Technology delivers a unique and simple solution for bringing Augmented Reality (AR) to fan communities. It's never been easier to use AR to connect, inspire and motivate fans via media campaigns, events or special promotions.

With fully customizable calls to action, the ability to download the AR media and share and EasyAR is changing how sports teams, music artists, consumer brands and more.


Connect with brand fans with immersive Augmented Reality experiences to drive increased engagement before, during and after events.


EasyAr features customizable calls to action to bring the point of sale to the fan and beyond.


Increase social sharing and inspire passion in fan communities to extend reach and drive conversion.


NEXREF Technologies is an a new breed of digital agency for brands. As pioneers in Augmented Reality (AR), we deliver AR experiences to help our clients connect and engage with fans and consumers.We bring brands to life by delivering immersive, AR experiences to fans around the world.Our exclusive EasyAR technology is a plug and play solution that makes implementation simple.


NEXREF’s international team includes the best and brightest in augmented reality, machine vision, brand strategy, animation and media production.  Our Priority One is to create authentic brand experiences that resonate, inspire and motivate fans to act.  Meet some of the people that are changing how brands connect with fans.

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