Augmented and Virtual Reality are often termed as the technologies of the future. Despite being around for a very long time, companies and organizations have realized their potential off late in the last couple of years. Augmented Reality broke into limelight with Pokémon Go getting humongous success and becoming a huge hit. Virtual Reality also paved its way through the technologies that would give to the users a fully immersive experience of what they are doing.

After mainly exploring mobile gaming sector, both AR and VR gradually sneaked in to the other aspects of the new age businesses and became an integral part of it. Now, the companies are using AR and VR in different aspects such as sales, marketing, customer services, etc. Being around for a while now, the top mobile app development company Prismetrics believes that penetration into businesses for both technologies is showing a lot of promise in taking the businesses ahead and propelling them to do better.

The greatest improvement that Virtual Reality app development along with the improvements from Augmented Reality app development has brought in, is increasing the revenues or we should say the ROI’s for mobile app development companies and clients. The organizations now have innovative methods to woo their customers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

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