Monetize Your Brand with EasyAR

monetizeNEXREF Technologies delivers EasyAR,  a robust platform that makes marketing campaigns come alive using Augmented Reality (AR). We develop and create exciting innovative AR campaigns and content to connect consumers and fans with product brands. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) is simple to integrate into any application.

For those that market to large fan communities like sporting teams, entertainment brands, film studios, media outlets and others, EasyAR improves engagement and leverages your existing technology to deliver more value to sponsors. Using immersive and exclusive content, our technology adds new revenue streams by presenting opportunities for sponsors and brands that want to touch your fan base in a native and authentic manner.  With the success of Pokemon Go, AR is proving to be very effective to directly monetize the brand.

Featuring a unique “business to business to fan” model, and NEXREF provides the connective highway to impact a number of monetization tactics including:

  • Sales incentives and coupons
  • Special offers
  • Direct, mobile link to point of sale
  • Fan loyalty programs and memberships
  • Gamification

EasyAR provides robust reporting features to track campaign ROI and other key metrics for brands that interface with large fan communities. We also offer a white label app for clients that don’t have existing technology.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you monetize your brand and deliver even more value to sponsors and partners.