NEXREF is making it easy for brands like ConocoPhillips and fan communities like the Denver Broncos to deliver highly engaging AR content.

(Dallas, TX) A Dallas technology company is helping ConocoPhillips make Denver Broncos fans’ morning coffee an experience they won’t soon forget.
conoco-logo-squareNEXREF Technologies is a leader in helping fan based communities engage fans and monetize brands using Augmented Reality (AR). The company’s solution makes it simple for brands to incorporate this cutting edge technology and deliver higher engagement to sports teams, consumer brands and other organizations with large fan bases.

According to Gary Haymann, CEO of NEXREF, “It’s a fun and effective way to celebrate the Broncos successes, and to extend the experience for the fans.”

Building on the success of Pokemon Go and recent campaigns by the Broncos to connect fans with sponsor brands, ConocoPhillips is the latest company to engage sports fans with active content that captures attention while giving consumers a new way to interact with brands.

As customers purchase beverages in the campaign cups at Conoco stations during the game, they are encouraged to download the Broncos “Orange Herd” app to their mobile phones. When they scan the cup they access exclusive AR content and an offer for free coffee the next morning if the team wins. thus extending the fan experience from the night before to the next day and beyond.

“The introduction of AR to deliver that message creates an emotional element that increases brand awareness and loyalty in a native an authentic manner.”, says Gary Haymann. This is the fourth Augmented Reality campaign NEXREF has collaborated on with one of TopFan’s ( sports and entertainment clients.  NEXREF’s Augmented Reality technology is now built-in to TopFan’s fan community platform.

With AR, the two-dimensional surface of a cup or other object can be transformed into a three-dimensional, interactive experience on the fan’s mobile device. Social sharing is increased as fans become enthused by exclusive content.

NEXREF Technologies provides the AR technology that makes this possible with a unique solution that is unobtrusive and easy to integrate into existing community apps.

In the case the Broncos “Orange Herd” app, it is based on the TopFan platform which is already established in content distribution to fan-based communities. NEXREF augmented reality capabilities come as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be seamlessly integrated with TopFan and other platforms. The company’s technology helped CononoPhillips launch a fully functioning AR marketing campaign quickly and seamlessly.

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