Launching an app doesn’t need to be daunting. Whether you’re just getting started or need a refresher on mobile app testing best practices, this guide is your resource! Brought to you in partnership with Perfecto.

Believe it or not, augmented reality (AR) is the future of mobile technology, on both the software and hardware side. Smartphone’s apps are well prepared to provide the astonishing experience of AR. We have augmented reality mobile app development technology which can be applied to apps for both entertainment and business. Take the example of Pokémon GO, an AR game app launched merely 9 months back. It has been downloaded more than 659 million times so far. IKEA’s catalog is another AR app example. It’s a business-related app that lets you augment how particular IKEA furniture items would look in your home. The app lays graphics of computer-generated furniture items over the video-output being seen via a smartphone’s camera. Of course, IKEA hopes this app, apart from…

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